Thursday, May 3, 2007

Annotation #3

If You'll Read You'll Judge

Kurt Cobain began writing in his journals in the late 80's, as him and his bassist friend Krist Novoselic tried to launch their band Nirvana. These journals were published after his death, and went into very deep detail about his personal life such as his sex life, drug addiction and the hard times that he has with Courtney. Most of the entries were about Nirvana on their way to fame and how they made it big and how it made Cobain feel. on almost every page there is something related to his strange stomach condition and how it put him in pain. Alos, during rehab, Cobain wrote not just to his fans, but also to himself as personal diary entries. Many of the entries relate to his childhood and what it was like growing up. Some of the most controversial entries were about his addiction to Herion.

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