Thursday, May 3, 2007

Annotation #2

Cobain's Farewell

As Cobain began interviewing with Dave Fricke from Rolling Stone Magazine, he seemed to be relaxed, funny and direct. During one of the interview's, Cobain stated a fact that John Lennon was his favorite Beatle, hands down because he was, "Obviously disturbed" and could relate to him. At one of the photo shoots, Cobain changed meny people's attitudes towards Rolling Stone when he showed up wearing a t-shirt that said, "Corporate Magazines still suck." After they interviewed him he began playing with his daughter Frances, and photogrpher Mark Seilger began taking photos of them together, After Cobain's death, Rolling Stone published a special tribute issue which featered Seigler's poloroids on the cover. Many say the cover photo is disterbing and his eyes tell the whole story...

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