Friday, May 4, 2007

Annotation #7

Questions linger after Cobain Suicide

Detectives have spent over 200 hours interviewing Cobain's close family, friends, and drug dealers as well as many others. They also hired handwriting specialists to make sure that the suicide note was authentic. Although the death of Kurt Cobain was ruled as a suicide, even Cobain's wife thinks that there are many unanswered questions. Some of these questions include... what role did Heroin play? Why wasn't his body found by friends? Who was tyring to use Cobain's credit cards on the day of his death? When exactly on April 8th was his body found? Also, how was the Remmington shotgun placed so perfectly on his chest after he "Shot himself?"

Annotation #7

Halifax Daily News

What if Kurt Cobain didn't kill himself? What if he was just trying to get out of his marriage with the outrageous Courtney Love? A Beverly Hills private investigator is so sure that Cobain was murdered, he has dedicated the past two years of his life trying to get the case reopened. although Tom Grant is sure that Cobain was murdered and he has many explanations, the case still hasn't been reopened. With all his claims, Tom Grant has over the past year and a half has done interviews with radio stations and newspapers in hopes of reopening this case. After Cobain's death, a young women committed suicide and along with the five other suicides connected to Cobain's death.

Annotation #6

The Mystery Of Suicide

Cobain's suicide left many scratching their heads and wondering what exactly caused Cobain to go this far. Many considered suicide to be an enormously selfish act, but why would he leave behind his newborn daughter Frances Bean behind? Although many associate suicide with depression... that may not always be the case. Many doctors still can's agree whether suicidal depression itself is a state of mind, or a result of chemical dependency. Many still wounder why suicide and drugs are realated among musicains, but no one has yet to figure that out...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Annotation #5


Heroin is considered to still be the hardest of hard-core drugs. Heroin has entered the kind of public outlaw status that attained by marijuana during the 1960's. Heroin which is associated with Chest Baker, Billie Holiday, Kurt Cobain, and River Phoenix and is still the dirtiest secret in the arts. although there isn't much of a story to this article, every line just had important facts about Heroin.

Annotation #4

Seeing Your Pain

MRI machines can see the changed in the blood flow to selected parts of the brain. This could later be used to find out how to get rid of pain and other disorders such as depression. There are other studies being made to help MRI feedback to treat depression, stokes, ADHD and post-traumatic stress disorder. For over 30 years scientists have used technology to measure electronical activity coming from the brain.

Annotation #3

If You'll Read You'll Judge

Kurt Cobain began writing in his journals in the late 80's, as him and his bassist friend Krist Novoselic tried to launch their band Nirvana. These journals were published after his death, and went into very deep detail about his personal life such as his sex life, drug addiction and the hard times that he has with Courtney. Most of the entries were about Nirvana on their way to fame and how they made it big and how it made Cobain feel. on almost every page there is something related to his strange stomach condition and how it put him in pain. Alos, during rehab, Cobain wrote not just to his fans, but also to himself as personal diary entries. Many of the entries relate to his childhood and what it was like growing up. Some of the most controversial entries were about his addiction to Herion.

Annotation #2

Cobain's Farewell

As Cobain began interviewing with Dave Fricke from Rolling Stone Magazine, he seemed to be relaxed, funny and direct. During one of the interview's, Cobain stated a fact that John Lennon was his favorite Beatle, hands down because he was, "Obviously disturbed" and could relate to him. At one of the photo shoots, Cobain changed meny people's attitudes towards Rolling Stone when he showed up wearing a t-shirt that said, "Corporate Magazines still suck." After they interviewed him he began playing with his daughter Frances, and photogrpher Mark Seilger began taking photos of them together, After Cobain's death, Rolling Stone published a special tribute issue which featered Seigler's poloroids on the cover. Many say the cover photo is disterbing and his eyes tell the whole story...